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    Training related to promoting the various products

    Training -Articles is a well respected article directory. People who want information usually go to to get the information that they require.

    1) Sign up at . Approval is immediate. Please read the terms and conditions at the website. If any of the articles is below their minimum word requirement, you will have to include more words to reach the minimum.

    2)  At you cannot submit more than 10 articles per day. We are not ready to submit as yet

    3) Please download the  pack of 24 articles-link that was sent via email

    4) Open the pack and read each article to get an understanding of the contents

    5) I want you to rewrite  The Title  of all the articles

    if appropriate use  one or more  of the following words in the title and also the body of the article along with key phrases listing that i sent you via email.

    ===> new, secrets, you, tips, must, revealed, tricks,stop break up, lover’s rejection, reunite,grieve, heartbreak, dumped, shocking, beg,break up, broken heart, ending a relationship, fixing, attention, tactics, spouse, mend,  ways to, get over

    reigniting passion , recapturing lost love, exciting, unconventional method(s), emotion, psychological . Use your imagination, you will be promoting my relationship book via articles. Don’t worry, I’ll explain the process later on.

    You can use any of the words below to  refer to ex lover (not an exhaustive list)


    boy friend

    ex girlfriend

    ex girl friend

    ex husband

    ex partner

    ex lover


    For example:

    One of the articles have the title

    Why You Should Get Back Together With Your Ex

    can become:

    Why You Must Reunite With Your Ex Wife

    N.B. Please capitalize the first letter of each word

    6) Rewrite the first sentence and the last sentence of each article with your own words using a keyword from the list. In other words you will be writing articles focusing on your your keywords. For instance if you pick the phase “ways to get you girlfriend back”, You must use this phrase IN THE TITLE,  in the first sentence preferably at the start of the sentence. Also Include this same phrase  in another paragraph and again in the last sentence. THEREFORE 3 TIMES. In the opening paragraph you can use some emotional triggers such as (Please use own words)

    I know know how you feel about your ex, because of this feeling you probably (ONLY USE ONE OR TWO EXAMPLES BELOW-USE OWN WORDS)

    • cannot listen to love songs on the radio
    • cry every time you see a couple kissing and embracing in the mall or restaurant
    • wait by the phone whole day, waiting on a call from your ex
    • cannot eat properly morning , noon or night
    • stay home and watch tv instead out going out with friends
    • feel very depressed and stressed out
    • cannot sleep at night
    • think non stop about your ex
    • feeling to spy on your ex
    • constantly rehearse what you will say if you bump into them
    • constantly check your email and text messages to see if there are any messages for you
    • failing to take care of your physical appearance

    7) If you want to do very good, incorporate a story in each article especially to the end of the articles. You can make up the “love story” using any names that you wish

    8) The word Tips in the Title of  any article always does well

    At the end of 1-8 above you should have at least 24 “unique articles”. If you want you can create as much new unique articles as you want. The more you create the better chance you have of making money.

    You can get some good ideas for articles at this site

    I will give you two days to get this done.

    P.S Anybody interested should sign up the usual way,  by giving their name and email address

    Please take it seriously, if you don’t you’ll be removed from the training.

    The link for the articles was sent via email already